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JBL Global Networks Ltd
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JBL Global Networks Ltd (“JBL”) is an international goods trading company, with a relative focus on the:

  Satellite Communication and Satellite products industry,

  Transport and Logistics.

  Import and Export




  Power Generation – Diesel Generating Sets

  General Supplies of Commodities and Services


Based primarily out of Ndola, Zambia, JBL Global Networks has established offices in its principal markets.

In addition to the offices in Ndola, JBL Global has a staff presence in South Africa, China, Nigeria, Tanzania, Canada and Hong Kong who attend to logistics and operational issues pertaining to the trading business.

This regional and international footprint has allowed JBL to develop a robust and efficient business model capable of ensuring customer satisfaction in all areas of the trading and supply chain.


JBL Global Networks Ltd* Mpelembe House* Ndola* Zambia * 10101